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Des livres, des produits, des articles et DVD sur la conscience, la santé. Books-Products-DVD's-Articles and Websites for Health & Consciousness Comment faire de l'argent avec l'Internet... How to succeed online.


Freeman DVDs

  1. The Magnificent Deception – Robert Menard
  2. Bursting Bubbles - Robert Menard
  3. Security of the person - Robert Menard
  4. It’s an Illusion – Freeman John Harris
  5. Country living: surviving off the grid
  6. Off the Grid – With Les Stroud
  7. Garbage Warrior: Michael Reynolds - Eco Architecture and Self-Sustainable housing

    NWO – 911 - Government DVDs
  8. Beyond Treason – Deadly Military Experiments Exposed
  9. America: Freedom to Fascism – Aaron Russo
  10. Firewall – In defence of the Nation-State – LaRouche
  11. The Melt-up - Beginning of the currency crisis
  12. 911 mysteries - Part 1: Demolitions
  13. Metanoia: Human Resources – Mind Control
  14. The Only Solution: Lyndon Larouche – The solution to the current economic crisis
  15. Loose Change 4
  16. Glass Stegal
  17. Money Masters (2 Discs)
  18. Wakeup call
  19. I.R. Crane - Fool me once - and others
  20. Grass: History of marijuana – the start of the war on drugs
  21. Educating the leadership of the mass strike
  22. Invisible Empire – Produced by Alex Jones
  23. The War of Wealth – Clint Richardson
  24. The Enslavement of the British Isles
  25. David Icke and Jordan Maxwell - The Future of Earth
  26. Zeitgeist
  27. What happened on the Moon: The Apollo moon landing hoax
  28. JFK II
  29. Thrive
  30. Earth Rising: Mind Control
  31. 911: In Plane Sight
  32. Gasland
  33. Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent
  34. Walmart; the high cost of low price
  35. Zeitgeist – Addendum
  36. Zeitgeist – Movement Activist Guide
  37. Interview - A world in Chaos to a community in peace

    Illuminati and the Occult
  38. The Illuminati esoteric agenda
  40. Human Behaviour Experiment
  41. Vatican assassins the Jesuit order
  42. ZION Transition of the age
  43. Angels and Demons revealed
  44. Symbols of Satanism
  45. Understanding the origins of Freemasonry

    Jordan Maxwell DVDs
  46. A Jordan Maxwell Presentation
  47. The Occult World of Commerce
  48. Sons of god - The Nephilim - Those who came from...

    Food DVDs
  49. The Future of Food
  50. Food Matters!
  51. Nutricide & Codex Alimentarius
  52. The Beautiful Truth – Cancer cure
  53. Nutrition and Behaviour by Russell Blaylock M.D
  54. The Cure – The Rick Simpson story
  55. One Answer to Cancer

    Well-being – Health DVDS
  56. Master Lu’s - Lift-Up
  57. A World Without Cancer – G. Edward Griffin
  58. The Strecker Memorandum – AIDS
  59. The New Biology – The Genes Illusion - Bruce Lipton
  60. Kundalini yoga –
  61. Flow – For the love of water
  62. Bruce Lipton - conscious Parenting
  63. Diseases - Cancer and more
  64. The Illuminated Chakras – Anodea Judith
  65. Healing Codes (2 Discs)
  66. Energy Healing Kit – Donna Eden
  67. The Energies of Love - Donna Eden
  68. Illuminated chakras
  69. Sweet Remedy
  70. Supercharge your Immune System
  71. Healing through sacred art
  72. Dr Beck Blood Cleaner – Treatment of all diseases

    Exposing the Health Industry DVDs
  73. Shots in the Dark – Vaccines
  74. G Edward Griffin - The Science and Politics of Cancer
  75. Sweet Misery – A poisoned World
  76. Making a Killing – The untold story of psychotropic Drugs
  77. Natural Health Victory – Dr Rath
  78. Interview - Official Government Prisoners – Fluoride
  79. The Fluoride Action Network video
  80. Suppressed Health Machines – Interview
  81. GMO Trilogy Set
  82. Vaccination: What CDC documents and science reveal
  83. Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

    Technology and Ancient knowledge DVDs
  84. Sacred Geometry and the Flower of life – Drunvalo
  85. The Free Energy Cover Up
  86. The Mysterious Origins of Man
  87. Mystery of the Crystal skulls
  88. The Race to Absolute Zero
  89. Infinite energy – not for the masses
  90. The Planets – A Solar System Journey – low quality
  91. The Discovery of Noah’s Ark – G. Edward Griffin
  92. Orgone Energy and UFOs
  93. Ancient Knowledge – The living Mathematics of Nature - Sacred Geometry
  94. Tesla’s Secret and the Soviet Weapons
  95. Quantum Astrology & Alchemy Secrets
  96. Sacred Geometry - Nick Marchont interview
  97. Scalar Waves
  98. HAARP Update
  99. HAARP News
  100. Energy from the vacuum part 1
  101. Energy from the vacuum part 2 – Ask about others
  102. A Machine to Die For: Perpetual Motion free energy
  103. Tom Bearden: Floyd Sweet - Radionics

    Michael Tsarion DVDs
  104. Divination & the Goddess Tradition
  105. Atlantis, Alien visitation & Genetic manipulation (2 Discs)
  106. Astro Theology & sidereal Mythology
  107. 2012 Lecture – The Future of Mankind

    David Icke DVDs
  108. The Ultimate David Icke Collection - His history and other movies about him
  109. Big Brother The Big Picture – David Icke
  110. The Robots Rebellion – David Icke
  111. Revelations of a Mother Goddess – with David Icke
  112. The Tuning of the Tide
  113. The Freedom Road
  114. Secrets of the Matrix
  115. From Prison to Paradise

    2012, Aliens etc DVDs
  116. The 2012 Enigma – David Wilcock
  117. Secret Underground lectures of Commander X
  118. Secret Underground Bases and the NWO – Phil Schneider
  119. Richard C. Hoagland - Mars Anomalies: Vol. 2
  120. Alternative 3
  121. Mark Kimmel Lecture
  122. Drunvalo Melchizedek – 2012: Prophecies from the Heart
  123. The Earth Dilemma – Alex Collier
  124. Ancient Aliens – Chariots, Gods and Beyond – Erich Von Daniken
  125. ET’s, UFO’s & new World Technology – Phil Schneider
  126. UFO's , MILAB and reptilian overlord - James Bartley – Reptilian agenda
  127. 2012 Doomsday clock Astronomical precession - David Flynn
  128. UFO’s the secret evidence
  129. Crop Circles - Alien sign
  130. Legacy of the Gods
  131. legend of Atlantis (2 Discs)
  132. Philadelphia Project (2 Discs)
  133. Return of the Nephilim
  134. The Aztec Code
  135. David Wilcock - The Year 2012 and the Return to Camelot (2 Discs)
  136. Surfing the tides of the Milky Way (2 Discs)
  137. Symbols of an Alien sky
  138. Secret UFO files from the US and KGB
  139. Project Redstar – Martian Genesis
  140. Jamie Maussan – UFO’s
  141. Hoaglands Mars – Cydonia Briefings

    Religion DVDs
  142. Mysticism in Australia; two part DVD
  143. Who wrote the Bible

    Climate – weather DVDs
  144. Global warming or global governance
  145. Climate Change videos – Bob Carter – Roy Spencer
  146. Climate Change videos: part2 – Lord Monckton – David Archibald – many more
  147. Don’t Talk about the weather
  148. Christopher Monckton in Australia
  149. What in the World are they spraying - Chemtrails
  150. https://www.truthseekingdvds.com/it-rsquo-s-an-illusion-ndash-freeman-john-harris?tracking=56469bd405914

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